Resources on the First World War, and Especially on Children

Europeana Collections 1914-1918

International Society for First World War Studies

1914-1918 Online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War

The Army Children Archive

Books for Boys: Heroism, Empire and Adventure at the Dawn of the First World War

Wartime Canada

Canada’s Great War Album

Beyond 1914: The University of Sydney and the Great War

First World War Memoirs and Diaries

The Heritage of the Great War – Children of the Great War

Museum Exhibitions on the First World War and Emotions

Canada and the First World War – Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

WWI Love & Sorrow – An Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum

Gallipoli: The Scale of our War – An Exhibition at Te Papa Museum, Wellington

Imperial War Museum – First World War Galleries, London

Feeling War, Berlin


Living Peace Museum (Australia)


Call for Blog Posts – Canada’s First World War: A Centennial Series on

Teetotal Pledges and World War I by Henry Yeomans


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